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Full Version: Klaxlers Troglodytes vs. Beleans Nordgaard (350 Points)
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At the end of the last year I had another (my second) game against Nordgaard. The list was more to make it possible to play with all my painted minis and not to get a powerfull list or something. Wink So on my side it was:

1 Duskborn Chieftain, amred with whip, healing potion and the armour that gets him +2
1 Lighteater
1 Packlasher
3 Oakbows
5 Ironhide Brutes
3 Greyhorns
1 Hammerfist

Thats what the lineup looked like:
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1284]

The Noordgard came up with Warsmith, Fjellwarriors, Fjellgangr, Einherjer, Brewer und Bloodvarg. Sadly I missed to take a picture of the lineup, so we start directly with round two. In the middle came up the Einherjer, Fjellgangr and the Warsmith. The Varg headed for my left wing and therefore the Oakbows. On the right side the Fjellwarriors marched towards me.
I started moving slowly in the middle. The quick Greyhorns left the right wing and headed for the middle. The Fjellwarriors with their movement of 2" would take long to get in contact, so I decided to leave them alone. On my left side the Hammerfist and the Lighteater headed for the Bloodvargh.
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1286]
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1285]

In round three started the big clash! By the way, nearly the whole game I lost priority. Thats life! Big Grin The Fjellgangr moved on slightly. I handled to get two Brutes in contact with the giant and could cause some wounds. But the Gangr has a mighty sweep-attack and made a counter attack against the whole unit! Great.... luckily the Brutes and other Trolloth-Modells can regenerate D3 Lifepoints.
The Brutes were supported by the Greyhorns, which are very flexible through a couple of abilities. I left a gap to get them in contact with the Fjellgangr.
On the right side the Fjellwarriors moved on, on the left I could engage the Lighteater with the Varg. The Hammerfist had Line of Sight to the Brewer and used it to move in contact and cause some wounds.The Attacks for one Action Token are very effectiv here!

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1287]

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1288]

In the end it was enough wounds to get the Fjellgangr down.

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1289]
However the Einherjer caused enough wounds to nearly erase the Greyhorns. There we made a mistake. I forgot, that the Greyhorns never have to test on psychology...failed the bravery test and flee in the end over the whole table. Too dump!
At the beginning of round four the Lighteater on the left turned away from the varg to engage the Einherjer and prevent them from doing a charge (but failed!). The Hammerfist (on top of the picture) had no problems with the Brewer and took position. I can say by now, that I was to afraid of the Einherjer and should have been more offensive!
The Oakbows left their hill becasue after a short inspection of their abilities I realised, that they would flee instantly if engaged! The Fjellwarrior on the right moved into the protection of the small wood to avoid being shot on.
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1290]

Until then the Einherjer have not been activated yet and in the end of the round four they managed to take the Hammerfist and the Lighteater. Sad
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1291]

Not in the pictures is the movement of the Varg who moved through my whole deployment zone heading the Oakbows. Finally I decided to step up with the Chieftain. Fail! The double one prevented the Varg from wounds.

In the fifth round I made a couple of mistakes. Instead of charging the Einherjer with my Brutes, I decided to let them move to the Fjellwarriors on the right side. Why? I wanted to avoid the Bows from getting charged and saw more chances to gather some points from the Warriors then from the Einherjer. Fail! The Warriors managed to cause massive wounds and only one Brute stood the massacre.
But thats not all. The Varg left the engagement with the Chieftain. I didn't expect that. The Free Strike that the Chieftain had on the Varg nearly erased him....nearly. What happened? The Bows which I wanted to protect, took on their heels. Big faults!
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1292]

Well, I managed to engage the Varg and take him down with the Chieftain afterwards, but that did not help much. My last chance would have been, to slay with the Chieftain through the Fjellwarriors. He is able to! He learned it once....and it looked good at the start. Statistics were on my side! But not the dice. Double 1 again. Thats it.
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1293]

In the end it was not enough points for a clear victory of Belean (41 difference), but with my faults in round five I feel like the loser. But it was a lot of fun playing and I learned a lot!

- with the lighteater I should have stayed by the Varg. He can take him down.
- Read rules! That the Oakbows flee that quick, I realised too late. Also the Weep Attack of the Fjellgangr and the ability of the Greyhorns to ignore Psychology, I saw too late....and even more I guess
- The Chieftain has to get into meelee. He is a heavy one and hard to take down. Additionally he had a potion and left the battlefield without a scratch. Absurd!

Thanks for your attention, i'm looking towards the next games! Smile
And now, of for the rule section of the board...I have some questions. Wink
I love battleground like this. These rocks brings a lot of fun. I enjoyed this battle report. Smile
Nice report, seems like you had a lot of fun. And don't worry about being afraid of the Einherjer... That's what they are supposed to be Wink
I got my ass handed to me by the Nordgaard today as well, and yesterday, too Smile

Loving the board and the pictures, have to remember for my reports to make shots from on high.

One thing of note is that I think you are misreading the rules for Oakbows - they "may" flee, so it is merely a nice option to utilize when things get tough, not a necessity Smile
@Blaze: Thanks! The rocks are normally for my Warhammer Orks. It's "Mount Mosh-More" Big Grin
@Simon: well then I'll keep trying to get around them. Big Grin
@Meph: Ouh! I'll check this out...thank you!
What a battleground! Great report, pity about quality Sad
@Mnil: ok, I'try to work on the quality of the pictures!

@Meph: I checked the rulebook. It sais that the Oakbows count as fleeing at the moment they get engaged. No option. Sad
When the Skullsmasher Oakbows become engaged in melee, they may immediately flee and count as fleeing until they rally.

So, I thing it is an option.
(01-04-2015 10:24 AM)Arbassos Wrote: [ -> ]Cowardice
When the Skullsmasher Oakbows become engaged in melee, they may immediately flee and count as fleeing until they rally.

So, I thing it is an option.
Klaxler uses the german rulebook:

German rule book (translated):
When the Skullsmasher Oakbows become engaged in melee, they immediately flee and count as fleeing until they Rally.

According to German rules it is NOT an option.

Something for the errata.
Wow, really, that souldn`t happen...;/
I can understand a little differences and doubts related with translation, but this change meaning of the whole ability...
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