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Full Version: My mortans 300 p
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The zapping of Legionnairies was facilitated by Crumbling Rust and Curse of Fates, modified by the Trance tactic. I completely forgot in this game about my Potion of Argathon and Power Crystal, so here's to playing too many factions and games in 24 hours Smile

Also, in the turn the Statue fell, I won initiative and wasn't sure what I should do - so I gave the remaining Ogre an action point, reasoning that he will kill the already wounded Centurion and then he would get on the hill, and I also gave an action token to the Statue, hoping to get a stronger explosion from its tactic. I reasoned that even with two activations Blaze wouldn't be able to take down the statue. I was proven wrong Smile
Im thinking about somethings like this.

Mortifex 32 p
*Ashplate lorica 6 p
*Morbid Skull 4p
*No idea for second talistman
*Elixir of Life 6p
*Infernatus 7p
*Enigmatic Wave 4p
*Imperial Blessing 5p
*Soulstone Martyr 6p
*Ashes to Ashes 7p
*Decay 8p
Necromagus 22p
*Decay 8p
*Foul Wind 4p
*Fleshbind 3p
Princeptor 32 p
Scorpio 32p
8 Legionaires 54+48 p
290 p

Ok I can make some changes in Item/Spell sections. Also dont know if I have to make place for Catapult or Second Princeptor.

Main thing in this list is direct dmg from Mortfiex, Necromagus spells for Armor enemies. Princeptor may defense Mortifex, same role is for Necromagus.They both going always together. Princeptor also follow them and try to defend them for charge situations. Parry himself and Veteran Capaign for Legionaires. Mortifex buff Legionaires with his sustain defensive spell.Legionaires just go always 6-9 inches and then Testudo. They are just first defensive wall. If you see opportunity to pillum asault and charge, giving them one AC from Mortifex you probably will have double attack + Pillum Asault. Necromagus and Mortifex trying to cast spells for big buddies. Scorpio with 20-25 range trying to kill the most important enemy models like Druids, Beasthunters, Valkiries etc. Its just look good on paper. Please give me some feedback how to improve this list. 10 points left but I think you will find some better itembuild or spellbuild for both necromages ;P
The necromagus cant take fleshbind. One spell list only (and you dont have any undead models for the spell to heal either).
And the Mortifex can only take 4 spells (except you take the extra spell as second artifact choice).
@Markgrafgero, and could we have some tactical advice, bitte ? :>
Hi Blaze,

For strategy tips on Mortans, I strongly recommend you check out the "Center-Stage" articles for the Centurion, Legionnaires and Princeptor:




Once you have mastered these models you will have a lot of success just using these minis, and you will also have a much better idea what models you want to get next.

In any case the Necromagus is useful because he has excellent spells that benefit the living as well as the dead.

Carnifexors are a great balance for the low-POW models of the starterbox.

Please keep us updated on your successes/failures.
Thanks David. Just readed this twice.

From my last experiance I lost yesterday 300 p game vs Halodynes because I didnt focus to kill Hill Ogres. They were buffed as hell and rolling with 4 dice on attack roll just devastating my whole testudo Legionaires in one turn.

I have troubles with Scorpio. It hit well if my opponent have 13 or less deff. I always feels like hitting it twice in 14-15 deff it is waste of actions. 1/2 situations also gives screening or cover for enemy and It is pain.

Hitting with Catapult is much easier with deviantion and some luck of bad rolls.. (If u have day that everthing miss, your catapult is your best friend Sad((

Also lost game vs Wyldfolk 160 p. I feel this game reduce tactic moves because of that. He wanted to shoot my troops and I did in first rounds everthing to reduce distance but with good protection from Testudo, Forest (Screening,Cover). I lost by points but I was pretty sure last round would be my victory for sure. He had Pendragon on low and one Bladesinger. Me 3 Legionaires and Princeptor.

Not so lucky day.
Hi Blaze,

Okay I hope you could get some good ideas and tips from the articles.

Facing buffed Hill Ogres is terrifying. there are ways for dealing with such a unit.

1) If you have faster troops, charge them first! Not so likely for current Mortans :-(
2) Delay them. Use a single mini to engage 1-2 models (the Princeptor is awesome for this because he is so defensive). He can theoretically tie up a unit for 2 turns. Because the Hill Ogres are engaged they cannot charge, so you can then charge them.
3) Cast Aranite Torpor on a one or two Ogres. They can't kill much when they are stationary :-)
4) attack them with creatures. In this way, you steal their tremendous advantage (striking multiple models with Circular Slash). A Moloch supported by Necromgaus can manage this for you.
5) Hill Ogres are only DEF 12 so shoot them with Scorpios.
6) You can use an elite unit of your own like Carnifexors, but it will definitely be a mutual bloodbath to remember.

Sometimes it is not necessary to wipe them out to win the game. If you render them unable to use their Circular Slash by offering individual targets or making them Stationary or using the Counteract tactic of the Centurion, you take away their game-winning effect, meanwhile you win by achieving the scenario objective or wiping out the rest of the enemy warband.
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