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Full Version: Runegate Keeper and Inspire
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Can the Keeper go "OMG I am so Omsom" and assign the action token to himself ? He is within his own LEAD range and the rule doesn't say that it has to be an other model, but just checking Smile
"friendly model" my friend Wink
I would say: Yes.

Rulebook page 20 top right corner: Model affiliation

Friendly Models are all models that belong to the same
warband of one player
, while Enemy Models are all models
of the opposing player/s.


... one living friendly model/unit currently within LEAD range of him immediately adds one action token to ist action token pool. ...

The RGC is
- living
- a friendly model
- within LEAD range

So yes, he may give himself one action token in this way.

"Take this you "$"!§%"§$%! You want more? YOU WANT MORE?? Come here! I GIVE you more ..."
If the Rune gate keeper inspires "himself" I would call it rage...
(but this term is already occupied by a different effect Wink )
You need a Sean Connery impression for that Tongue

Thanks for the clarification
Really guys? Wink
This is overinterpretation Smile
Like a tactic from a warlord with type UNIT can also be given to the warlord itself.

For example: Howling Mad from the Gorelord is a UNIT tactic. It text says: "Target friendly living model/unit gains an additional +1 MEL and +1 POW ..."
You can give the tactic to the Gorelord himself, so I suppose the INSPIRE from the Keeper can be on himself...
As Spy listed above, all prerequisite conditions are fulfilled for the Runegate Keeper, therefore allowing him to bestow upon himself one additional action.
7 Action Tokens for the Nordgaard warlord. Oh joy!
Inspire is the ability. Not the tactic. It sais: "one living friendly model/unit currently within Lead range (Runngate Keepers' LEAD range)...". One living friendly unit - that means other than Runnegate Keeper model. In my opinion, Mnil is right - We can't overinterprate this rule.
Totally disagree.

The Runegate Keeper is part of his own army. Definitly.
So he is a friendly model.[/align]

"Friendly" and "enemy" and "allied" has nothing to do with tactics.
The rule for model afilation is found in section "Models" and not under "Tactics".
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