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Full Version: Stand Ready attacks
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How many Stand Ready damage rolls take place when an enemy enters the template area? Is it one single POW 3 damage roll or does every Fimbull Toughborn get to fire at the target if they have line of sight?
Every model that enters the template and is in line of sight of the Fimbuls takes a POW 3 damage roll, no additional circumstances or modifiers are listed. Based on this I would say that the number of rolls made equals the number of models that enter the template. Of course, you can always position one model on the template to block line of sight to the other ones.

The wording on this ability is a bit vague as it should make precise the following circumstances:
a) by moving does it mean declaring a movement action within the template, through the template, out of the template?
b) when does "immediately" occur, as soon as the template is entered, or when the movement action is declared within the template?
c) combining both of the above, does each movement into, within, and out of the template trigger the damage roll?
I understand that every model that enters get an attack. But how many attacks are made by the unit?

one for the whole unit, or one attack for every model in the unit?

And you are right Meph, some rules are a bit vague, as are some rules for the Chainslayer.
"Enemy models in line of sight moving within the 4" AOE immediately suffer a POW 3 damage roll."

Every model entering is hit once (This is not a normal shooting attack where you count models/arrows!).

Moving within includes entering, leaving and moving inside the AOE.
As soon as you touch the AOE while you are moving you suffer the effect (once).

The only thing that is also for me not 100% clear is the line of sight thing. Theoretically you may move model by model in that way that you block line of sight at a certain moment (e.g. form a closed line in between AOE and the Fimbul Doughborn unit).
That would make sence since the models in the back are much harder to see then the models which move in the front of a unit.
Perhaps one of the moderators can take a look at this?
Spy got it right. The LoS can be drawn from any model of the Toughborn unit.
Thank you Raoul for your reply.
Still one question remains: how many damage roll are made once a model enters the AOE?
One damage roll for every model that enters the AOE! Even if there is only one Toughborn left (imagine him aiming the crossbows of his dead comrades at a certain spot and then triggering them one after the other as soon as the enemy enters that spot... ;-)).
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