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Full Version: Grapple Drag and key holes
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Yesterday, a friend and I played a good game. I only wonder about the Grapple Drag of the Chainslayer...

We played the Grapple Drag as written (which, of course is the best way to play it). But the following occurred:

My friend's Chainslayer targetted my Mortifex. Between the two models were several Legio Mortis troopers; the space between them was small - much smaller than a small base. The Chainslayer had line of sight on the Mortifex, was within range and the Grapple Drag succeeded.

What happened then was, and still is, quite hard for me to picture. My Mortifex was drawn, with large chains, through the narrow space between the undead troopers. It felt like my Mortifex was taken through a key hole (which actually would work since the Chainslayer would have line of sight!)... And it works as well with medium based models!

Is this what was intended with the Grapple Drag?

Normally, models may only pass through area's were they (or rather: their base) actually is able to pass through.
The power of the Chainslayer could force the target through the intervening troops. He's a big fella and those chains would e quite foreful. Or perhaps the chains could sweep the target through the air in an arc. Just like a fisherman pulls a fish out of the water.
Yes, this is correct. But please fell free to use common sense in situations that just don't feel right (e.g. dragging a hill ogre through a 1mm space between two buildings....).

Keep in mind that the chainslayer needs to hit his target first and that the mortifex does benefit from cover since he is within 2" of the obscuring model(s) which gives him a really hard time..... Please check the Errata for the screening/cover rules with different sight value.
Thank you (both) for your reply!

I still have a hard time imagining the situation, but sometimes those things just happen. I understand now that the rule works out the way it was intended.

I don't feel using common sense to rules is a very good idea, since it will open the door for interpretation and thus discussion. I like the game so much because it is clear, consistent and feels logically while it stays as simple as possible.

I will reread the screening/cover rules and the errata. If I can, I will make it as hard as possible for the Chainslayer to drag my Mortifex through a key hole Wink
I think that common sense/logic are vital elements in Godslayer. It is an abstract game that has clear rules but not every situation can be anticipated and documented ahead of time. The solid rulesset of Godslayer and sensible interpretation should go hand in hand.


Would it make more sense to you if you were the Chainslayer instead of the Mortifex?
@Crimsontree: absolutely not. I'm having difficulty picturing the situation. I am not trying to get an advantage over my adversary.

I think applying logic will in some degree digress from the actual rules. While I may argue that 2 mm is too small for any small model to pass through, any other person may argue that this should be 1 mm or 4 mm... And how can we possibly decide who is right? Rolling a d6 to let fate decide will create very unpredictable games - the rules were intended to add sense and realism to the game, imho.

I think the rules as written should be used, unless they are clearly wrong. As I understand, the Grapple Drag works like it was intended (and exactly that was my initial question). For me, that's enough. Let's use the rule as written. I will face the challenge to cope with this Grapple Drag attack in one way or another Wink.

Your Nordgaard opponent and I chatted about this situation last night. We thought of a tiny houserule. The Grapple Drag will work as written unless the model cannot physically fit through the space between objects AND the area above the intervening area does not allow the Chainslayer to whip his opponent into the air.

Now you are houseruling more than I am. What's this world coming to? Wink

If we can agree on what "physically fit through" means, I am sold!

On the other hand: are we not weakening the Nordgard? They lack a lot in speed and are we not taking away too much from him? (I am trying not to upset the carefully build balance in the game).
Yeah you're right. Let's leave it as it is.
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