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Full Version: Rampage and slay movement
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if I trigger a rampage tactic on a Scarjarl and destroy enemy model with a charge attack how many inches can I move, and in which sequence ?

3"(from rampage) and then D3" (from slay movement)
D3" (from slay movement) and then 3" (from rampage)
can I choose the sequence?

Sequence is crucial because only during a slay movement Scarjarl can't get free strikes.
Both trigger at the same point, iam for choose.
I would like to choose sequence as well, but I'm Nordgaard player so probably my opinion isn't neutral Smile
Waiting for moderators opinion
Moderators hello!?
Rampage is being clarifed in this coming erata.

If you perform Rampage you do not get to do Slay Movement concurrently or before or after. Rampage essentially replaces slay movement.
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