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Full Version: Don's tree huggers
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Hi guys

Recently got into Godslayer after checking the game out at a convention and then being delighted to find a sizeable community locally. Had a bit of toss up with faction selection (always had a soft spot for hoplite phalanxes) but in the end I settled on the Wyldfolk. Foresty ranger-sniper types always resonated with me, and the Scabhta models are just gorgeus.

[Image: wyldfolk1.jpg]

My first batch of stuff is all assembled, should get some paint on them in the next few days. I'm aiming at having them finished early next week.
[Image: wyldfolk2.jpg]

Today's progress - Undercoat and skintones. Pretty boring to be honest. More exciting stuff tomorrow!
dirty hippies! But I am definitely looking forward to more.
I can see Robin Hood and the Man in front must then be Little John.
Oh, and the spiritual man Brother Tuck lost a lot of weight Wink

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They look already better then most of themodels I fought against latetly. Looking Forward to see the finished army. Smile
Thanks guys :-)

[Image: wyldfolk3.jpg]

Today's worth of painting. The four huntresses are pretty much done, other than the bases.
just out of curiosity: are you gonna give the bows strings, and are you going to add arrows?
Probably not. It's a lot of time and effort for something that is next to impossible to do realistically at this scale anyway...
The ogre dude is done :-)

[Image: wyldfolk4.jpg]

A bit annoyig to paint with all the tiny dangly bits...
Very nice warband you get together there!
Thanks Raoul :-)

Today's stuff:

[Image: wyldfolk5.jpg]

Druid and Scabhta leader. The druid came out much better than I thought he'd look, not a fan of the static pose and very flat, 2D cast.

[Image: wyldfolk6.jpg]

The big man himself. Cool model, though the arms/hands look a bit wonky to me.

Next come the bases and varnishing - a must for metal gaming pieces in my opinion. Hopefully varnishing won't screw up the paintjob too much - I'm quite happy with how these came out.
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