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Godslayer Kickstarter
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
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RE: Godslayer Kickstarter

David Offline

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Partly its to create a warband of decent size that matches generally in size and points with the rest of the warbands.

It is also arranged so that someone can buy all 3 warbands for each faction and have basically no useless models. We already have a Megalith in the Highland Henge Guardians.
The Megalith does have a Deployment Limit of 2, so I could put one in Warriors of Samhain deal, but to be honest I think 2 Megaliths in a 350 point warband is not so useful. I would rather have a unit of Bladeslingers.

Is a second Banshee also really useful?

A Bladeslingers unit box will retail for around 36 EUR.
A Megalith and second banshee retails for 32 EUR

So from price it is pretty similar, but 8 minis looks better than 2 on a deal.

If you are really convinced and others agree, I am happy to change it.
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Today 03:16 PM
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RE: Godslayer Kickstarter

Raoul Offline
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As I'm quite fond of having some Bladeslinger workhorses in nearly every warband when playing Annyr, my 2 cent are obvious. ;-)

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